Yesterday we decided to go and look for a cache in nearby Bournville, where they make Cadbury's chocolate...yum! We had to solve a puzzle to get the co-ordinates but it was quite easy (and it involved a bar of chocolate so no complaining there.) I had a pretty good idea where to start and believed it would be a nice easy one (it should have been) so we could go looking for answers to clues to a harder cache after we'd found it.
WE are still having a few problems with our GPS, it doesn't like directing offroad,so when we were around the right area we starting looking for the clue instead, which was a number. Then I spotted that the trees had numbers so off we went chasing trees. We ended up on a wild goose chase, seeing some lovely views on the way, but getting further and further away from the cache. In the end we had to give up and come home to pick up the geokid from school.
I realised where we were going wrong and we went back today for another try. We started looking in the same place we started yesterday before we go distracted and found the hiding place within 5 minutes. The cache was hidden at the bottom of a large tree under some sticks. As I moved the sticks I saw something move, I was afraid it might be a spider but soon realised it was a frog, and it was sitting right on top of the cache. So the kids played with the frog for a bit while I signed the log book and swapped a craft peg for a keyring.
Graham had lost interest in the cache and the frog because the find was right next to a cricked ground and there was a match in play.
A little later we went to look for another cache nearby in a place called Austin Village. It's an interesting place because the homes there are cedarwood bungalows which were imported from the USA. Unfortunately we couldn't even look for the hiding place as there were too many muggles around and they wouldn't budge. They were about 4 feet away from where we wanted to look so no chance of not being seen. So that's one for another day.

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