It was a nice sunny day so we couldn't resist the chance to go for a nice walk, not a day for cache and dashes! Our chosen venue, the local Country Park.

So co-ords set off we went. When we got there the place was covered by the police with a helicopter overhead...ohhh drama! Someone on the run. I dont' know if they got away but we still set off in a different direction and didn't see anyone suspicious in the woods.

I think we are definately getting the hang of walking with our GPS now, I didn't even have to check the compass on it, we were taken straight to the flag and the cache.

It was a lovely spot and we sat on the twigs around the find while we shifted through the booty. I decided to leave behind Sue's Ferrari and take a lovely Russian coin from Moscow. I'm thinking of dropping it off in Weston-Super-Mare next week.

On the walk back, which was a bit quieter as the helicopter and police had gone, we stopped to look at the horses.

We also bought a new dog tag trackable and I made a couple of pirates from 'shrinkies' to put on it. Not sure where we will put it yet but we've logged it and called it Pirate Bob.

This is what it says on the log:

Current GOAL:

I've lost me vessal and need to get off this ere land.

Can ye give me a helpin' hand.

Just keep me movin' any way ya can

An I will be a happy man!

About this item:

Say hello to Pirate Bob and his mate.....please keep us moving!

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