Yesterday we hid our second cache. The cache itself has been ready for a while and we knew whereabouts we wanted to hide it. We decided that from now on we'd try and stick to a pirate theme seeing as we are the city pirates so the name we chose was Be Ye Land Lovers.
So here is a piccie of our cache before we took it out:

log book
pirate pencil
pirate eraser
pirate keyring
pirate badge
crystal quartz
first to find certificate

So off we went to our chosen area, a local park. The idea was to hide the cache in the park itself but it was very well maintained and we worried that wherever we hid it there was a chance of it being discovered or moved by the park's gardeners. Then we walked to the far side and Graham was telling me that it used to be a canal but it is now dried up. This area wasn't maintained and was much more overgrown and better for hiding things. Also it seemed to fit in well with the name we'd chosen, i.e a dried up canal for the land lovers.

Walked back through the park to the beginning of the canal pathway and then walked the length trying to find somewhere suitable. There were a couple of places near the beginning that seemed good but way to easy, more like a cache and dash - a cache you can find without effort. So we ventured further along and found a great hiding place. Then we hit another snag, the GPS just couldn't pick up a signal as there were too many trees. We walked along a little further and discovered a way out if we climbed up a bank. So up we went and out onto a path were there was less tree coverage. We got our signal and then ventured back in, deciding to stay near the path so we could get the correct co-ordinates.

Our final hiding place was a tree on an embankment. It involved a little climbing but not too difficult that I couldn't do it with Leila (aged 2yrs) in tow. There are several routes you can take to get to the cache, the one along the path that we took, along the path the opposite way (which ironically leads to our first hide) from the park either crossing a bridge or by climbing down into the dried canal, or even from the road (Shhh don't tell anyone but this route could actually be a cache and dash, park up jump out and find) It's quite well hidden though.

Now we just have to wait for the cache to go live on see how long it takes for someone to find it.

Here is a couple more pics from the area.

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