Today I did my usual trip to the cemetary to take some flowers to the family grave and as it was such a nice day we decided to go for a cache that was just at the back of the cemetary. It was a puzzle cache but I'd already worked out the puzzle and the co-ordinates so off we went. It was nice walk and the cache was found pretty quickly but the log book was soaked through. After the find we had the urge to do more so we decided to go for another not too far away. I know I'm sad, but I look up interesting caches and save all the details on the GPS just in case I feel like finding one when I'm out.
After a short drive we parked up and immediately set out on the wrong path. The GPS kept failing us saying it couldn't give us a route and I knew something was wrong because the description had said it was a mown path and this was a concrete one. So we headed back and there, not fifty feet away was another path, this time a mown one. The GPS was still giving us hassle so I worked from following the co-ordinates like a compass. This was the first time I did this and although it was a little more difficult we did find the cache (well, Graham did) and it was jam packed full of goodies. We finally go to drop off our Pirate travel bug and picked up in it's place a Ferrari TB. Reading on the website the Ferrari wants to travel to Norfolk, and there was me thinking I could drop it off in Dorset in a few weeks time. I will have to try and swap it for another now.

Also, a couple of days ago we went back to look for a cache we'd tried to find a few weeks ago at a nearby church. The first time we'd tried was when I realised that I had to convert co-ordinates to work on my GPS, I still haven't figured out how to do this and rely on the website to do it for me. So, all clues solved and co-ordinates converted we were all set for it this time. Graham found the cache and we swapped a couple of little things. It's so much nicer to find caches with goodies in.

So that takes us up to 10 finds now. I think we should get around to hiding some more of our own soon.

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