After two years finally we have decided to get back into this fabulous hobby. I've been researching some local new caches, but as we were off on our holidays I thought it would be a nice start to do a couple there. There were actually two very near to the campsite we were staying in Prestatyn, North Wales.
I took the details with me, but we no longer have a Sat Nav so we were going to rely on the GPS app on a mobile. I wasn't sure it was going to work, but it did, and actually better than our old Sat Nav.
We got up one morning and planned a picnic on the beach, first stopping by the camp shop for some supplies. I knew the geocaches were close to the end of the camp site and that there was a path leading to the beach nearby, so this was our chance. We found the first really easily, signed the book and replaced it carefully as there were muggles going past quite regularly.
The second required a little walk up a path. We came to some old cottages that were derelict and started talking about how wonderful it would be if they were refurbished. Then, we came to some that had already been done and they were gorgeous. Then there were two ponies eating hay right by the fence. The girls went over and started stroking them. This time I found the geocache under a rock. I'm normally a bit nervous about the actual finding and leave it to my partner just in case there is something creepy hiding too. The last cache I found was being guarded by a frog! However, I was brave as I quickly turned over a rock and found the cache  with only a couple of beetles running over it. So there we go, our first two finds in two years, and to celebrate here's a couple of pics.