I'm all excited now because I have started to make plans. One of the things I like best about geocaching, and after this confession you'll probably think I'm weird, is the planning. I love checking where the caches are on the googlemaps and picking out ones we'd like to go for, making notes, adding the co-ordinates to our GPS, it's my favourite part. I have to gleem as much detail as possible because our GPS isn't exactly the best for geocaching, it doesn't have software to download the caches and I even have to convert the given co-ordinates to a different format. This makes it tricky to do puzzle caches as I can only convert the co-ords on the computer so we can only do them in sections, get the answers, convert the co-ords back home, then go back for the hunt. I suppose we should get a new GPS but there are two drawbacks, one, we don't have the spare cash right now and two, the GPS was a gift off my daughter and I would feel guilty abandoning it just yet for a better model.

Back to my plans. We have a holiday coming up in April and I've checked the website and found tons of caches in the area where we are going (nr Exmouth, Devon). I've picked out some of the less complicated ones (we will be on holiday after all) and a few on the journey down. The ones I've picked will take us to some lovely locations with great views. (ok, that doesn't apply to the motorway ones)

Over the next few weeks I'll be preparing a log book with all the information we'll need because I don't anticipate using a computer while we are away.

I might even treat us to a new TB to take with us.

Well, apart from a couple of Did Not Finds, we haven't really done much geocaching. We've had a lot of snow which put us off, and with the geokids driving us a little mental everytime we ventured out it kind of put us off. I'm sure once the weather picks up we'll get back into it. Maybe we should start with a few easy ones that don't involve any mud.
Now my poor blog has been neglected so I thought I'd do an update on how our Geocoins/travel bugs are doing.

Released on 29th August 2009 our first Geocoin, Trackabulldog is now in Northern Scotland. I'm jealous, I've not been to Scotland. The place looks lovely, it's near an old curling pond. Bennachie's Secret

Released on  September 1st 2009 our Travel Pirate Geocoin, is now in the hands of a geocacher after being retrieved from An Evening Stroll - At Last. A Proper Container! which is in Bedford.

Released on September 4th 2009 our Travel Bug, Pirate Bob is now in the hands of geocacher after being retrieved from Up Bow Creek not far from Totnes. They've had it a long time, I hope they move it on soon.

So here is the mileage:
Trackabulldog..... 372 miles
Travel Pirate.........264 miles
Pirate Bob.............72 miles

I'm itching to get starting again now so watch this space :-)