Yesterday we decided to look for a couple of caching which were on our route home from our regular cemetery visit. The first was a puzzle cache and I'd managed to solve it on Saturday evening to get the right co-ordinates. The find was pretty easy, in a tree in the corner of a field, but there was a football game really close and we had to be careful they didn't see what we were up to. Cue the blackberries and the geo kids for cover. I really must remember to take a paper bag out with me, there's nearly always blackberries to pick :-) Graham snatched the cache which contained only a log book, so we signed it and were on our way.

The next cache was near a pond in a park. We drove past this place every week but with the high hedgerow all around we had no idea what it was like. We were pleasantly surprised, the place is beautiful. The duck pond was lovely and the kids were playing with the ducks, we will definitely have to come back here with some bread. There were quite a few muggles around so we had a game of hide and seek which gave me and Graham the chance to go into the trees and search for the cache. Graham soon found it and we signed the log book before taking the kids to play in the playground. The parkland was also home to a lovely pavilion, they even have kiddie activities so I will most definitely be making a return visit. The beauty of it is that it is only 1.5 miles from home! Sometimes it's more than the caches to be found.

Today we decided we'd go back to one of our previous 'not founds' at a local park. It was well hidden in a wooded area of the park and Graham had searched for it before with no luck. This time the GPS seemed to know what it was doing and took us to a spot were we began searching but yet again our search was fruitless. The GPS seemed to be changing it's mind every two minute, first it was to the right, then behind us, then in front. We knew it was close but I think the amount of trees was affecting the signal. So Graham used his noggin' (not something he's always renowned for ;-) and thought about where he would hide the cache, and lo and behold he found it!! This one was full of goodies so we did a couple of swaps before re hiding and taking the kids to the playground.

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