There are different types of caches to find out there. I don't just mean different sizes (which of course there are, ranging from nano to large) but with different ways of finding them. Apart from a regular cache there are also multi-caches and mystery caches (there are others but more about them step at a time).
The multi caches involve visiting more than one location (or one set of co-ordinates) to find the cache and mystery caches can only be found when you've solved a puzzle or two to get the co-ordinates.
The cache we found the other day at Bournville involved answering a couple of questions before getting the co-ords but it was pretty easy. Today we tackled a harder one, difficulty rating 3/5. For some reason Graham had focused on this one, which was called 'Pull up (if I pull up)' right at the beginning but I insisted we gained a little more confidence before trying something as difficult. All the clues where in the listing but it took a while for it to sink in. The main clue is the title, which is a palindrome. The co-odinates where also palindrome. Anyway, last night I worked it out and we punched in the co-ordinates to google and then the GPS. We knew whereabouts to head in the car (thanks to google) then we had a walk along the canal before a scramble up the bank. Graham found the cache quite quickly and it was a nice big one. WE signed the log book, took a spinning top and left a cd. Then we discovered a way back to the car which did not involve scrambling back down to the canal (Great).

So now we've chalked up 7 finds and I think we may be getting the hang of it now.

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