Today we hid our very first cache. The location had already been decided and we'd had a look around to find a suitable hiding place.

We put together our little Cache

we filled it with goodies such as a pirate badge, a pirate eraser, a pirate pencil, a trakabull geocoin and the obligatory logbook. We used a small lockable plastic food container which we hope will be waterproof. The logbook is waterproof anyway.
We will be able to track the whereabouts of the geocoin on the website. I'm hoping it has a long and happy journey.
Then we set off on foot (yes we chose somewhere very local) to hide our cache. The chosen hiding place was at the back of some castle ruins so we are hoping that whoever comes to seek it will enjoy viewing the castle. We placed it so that if the castle is closed (which it is a lot as it is seasonal and only open at weekends) then they can still get a good view by taking the walk to find the cache just outside the perimeter fence.
This is our cache in it's hiding place.......

can you see it?
We have updated the geocache website with our listing and when it's approved we will be waiting to see if anyone finds it. I'll let you know what happens.

EDIT: Cache was found 12 hours after the listing went live!

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