We were not going geocaching today, we have a busy day planned for tomorrow so we thought we'd get some stuff done that we normally do on a Saturday. One of these chores involved a trip to a local shopping centre. Just behind the centre is a park, the one were we first went looking for geocaches but had no luck. I knew we had been really close with the one and just wanted to have one more quick look.

I knew it was in a group of conifer trees and whereabouts in the park. There were quite a few muggles about so to avoid looking suspicious looking through the trees we turned it into a game with the girls. Eventually Graham spotted a piece of bark which looked loose and told me to look underneath it... and there it was, another find!!

We bought some boxes today to make our own caches, we've also shopped on the internet for some things to put in. I'll do photo's before we hide them. We've bought a couple of Geocoins for tracking, hopefully they will move around a lot and we'll be able to see where they end up.

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