The plan for today was to go to the Licky Hills and look for 3 or 4 caches, but when I got up this morning I fancied something different. So I planned a trip to Stourport-on -Severn instead. I thought it would be nicer to go to the river and I knew there would be lots for the girls to do.

I looked up 3 geocaches but as there was a lot of walking involved I decided that if we just found 1 I'd be happy. We decided our first stop when we arrived would be to find a cache which was hidden in a field. We got to the co-ordinates and looked for about 20 minutes before Graham finally spotted it. It was the biggest cache we've found so far and had lots of little things in. We took a Eeyore keyring and left a badge and eraser (both pirates) and signed the log book.

Then we focused our attention on the girls and spent the rest of the day on the fair, in a restaurant, in the park and in the paddling pool. I think they had a good time :-)

Just before leaving for home we were tempted to go and look for another cache which I knew wasn't too far from the car park I'd chosen, but I didnt' know exactly how far away it was and we were all pretty worn out so we I didn't even check the GPS and instead we came home.

Back home and on the computer I realised that the cache location was indeed very close to the carpark, it was probably less than a 5 minute walk! Oh well, I'll remember for next time.

This is the view from where we found the geocache

This is Graham sorting through the stash in the cache

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