In contrast to yesterday's constant downpour (apparently the tail end of a hurricane) today was lovely and sunny. I spent last night preparing my next lot of caches I wanted to find. Not only was everything logged on my GPS I had printed hard copies for back-up. I'd decided on starting with a couple of real easy ones followed by a couple of slightly harder ones. The idea was to build up some confidence that we could actually do this and make sure we didn't get too disappointed, and then give us something to get our teeth into with added scenery.

So with a fully charged GPS off we went. The first was in the local country park. There are 5 hidden there altogether but this was a real easy one just by one of the entrance gates. The co-ords were spot on and after a little search we managed to find our first 'nasty nano' and boy was it tiny!! It was the size of a thumbnail and magnetized. It was stuck on the underside of a gate hinge and very easy to miss if you were not looking for it. After unscrewing we found a long strip of paper for a log book which we signed, dated and returned. Then it was off to no2.

Our second was one of a series of 6 all to do with unfortunate street names. Each one gives a clue towards a final bonus cache. I aim to do them all but as they are all over the place I won't be doing them together. I knew this road very well, so knew it was very long. The cache was hidden behind a street sign so the GPS was very handy as it took us to the right one. Well, there was a sign on either side of the street and Graham jumped out and immediately looked behind the one. I looked at both and thought that if I was hiding a cache then I definitely choose the other one so I went and looked there. Gray came over to help and we eventually found a well hidden film case. Inside, as well as the log book, was a magnet, a coin and a clue. It was big enough for us to leave one of our calling cards inside :-)

So that was the easy peasy ones taken care of, now it was back to the country park for number 3. We had a good idea where to look and even though it was another 'nasty nano' I spotted it quite quickly....but as it was sunny the place was crowded with muggles, in particular one woman who seemed to be watching our every move. We sat on a bench nearby the hiding place and waited. The girls were happy chasing butterflies in the wildflower garden. When I felt the coast was clear enough I went over and grabbed the cache and took it back to the bench. Then we had to wait again until we could put it back. So although this was a relatively easy find, it was the taking and placing that we found difficult.

Three down and one to go. The next was in a park and I knew it was going to be tricky. The GPS worked well in taking us to the right place but it was right in the middle of a wood and we just couldn't find the camouflaged cache. We spent over an hour looking and when the girls got fed up of picking raspberries I took them to the park while Graham carried on searching. In the end we had to give this one up for now. We will go back though, I know we were so close, we just couldn't see it.

So three out of four on a nice sunny day and we are happy City Pirates today :-)

It's forecast sunshine for the weekend so I've got a trip to the Licky Hills planned. There are 6 in the area but I'm planning on looking for just 3 or maybe 4.

Here's a couple of pics of the girls today.

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