I guess it has to be expected this time of year, if you venture anywhere off road it's going to be a mud bath. So where did we decide to go? Yes, the middle of a huge field!
It was such a lovely day yesterday, bright, sunny (freezing) and I just couldn't resist getting out in the fresh air. Not only that I had a scarecrow TB that really needs a new home. This cache wasn't far from home, nice easy parking nearby, just a muddy trek across the field. But we still failed :-( I'm not sure if it was the mud or the cold that got to us, but we gave up soon after the GPS gave up. One minute it was working fine and telling us we were pretty close, then it just went awry and we lost our little flag on the screen which tells us where to go. We knew that if we rummaged for a while in the hedgerow we'd find the cache, but as the kids slowly began to resemble mud monsters, and my fingers felt like they were going to drop off we decided to call it off and headed off to the hot dog stand for some nice warm sustenance.
Back home we checked the google map and could see the marker box right next to where we were looking....if only we'd looked a little longer!
Not sure what to do now. The cold weather doesn't put me off, but mud and kids...well, I was going to say don't mix, but in fact they mix a little too well! So maybe we'll stick to the occasional easy find, perhaps drive bys or cache and dashes.
As for the poor scarecrow, I think I might pop him into one of our own caches, at least then someone else may pick him up and move him on.

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    Slightly Tall Paul said...

    Hello Stonea,

    Nice blog!

    You're right about kids and mud going together. I recommend that you get your family some good wellies and take a change of clothes with you and a blanket, then when you get back to your car you can get changed into something clean whilst another adult shields you with the blanket, then muddy clothes into a carrier bag and in the washer when you get home. All provided it's not too cold out of course!

    My daughter loves squelching around in her wellies, and we're lucky that there's a great series of caches near where we live in Nottinghamshire that are all hidden in animal-shaped caches, squirrel, rabbit, woodpecker, etc. Great fun for the kids!

    Happy caching, Paul

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