This week we decided to have a go at finding a couple of geocaches in a park near to our friends house. The first one was a pretty easy find, the GPS took us right there and the clue told us where to look. It was a nice big box full of goodies, but I was disappointed because it should have contained a geocoin from South Africa and I wanted to see it. Someone had been there earlier on in the same day but they reported not seeing the geocoin either, very strange.

The second was a bit of a walk away but what we hadn't realise was it that the walk was uphill. The geokids soon got tired and moany but cheered when we got to the top and discovered a playground. The problem was, we were running out of time because we had to be somewhere else and the geokids wanted to play in the playground not hunt for the cache. Also the GPS started acting a little crazy because of the tree cover so we couldn't pinpoint the exact location. Another problem was the amount of muggles around, it had turned out quite a pleasant day and the park was really busy. So sadly we had to admit defeat on this one, but we hope to have another crack at it sometime soon. (Maybe parking the car at the top of the hill so we don't have to walk up next time)

Here is the cap'n and the geokids in a spot near to where we found the first cache.

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