Sometimes when you look for a cache and you don't find it you just have to go back and have another go. This one we'd tried previously in our early days of geocaching, and although we'd found 3 that day the fourth one proved just a little too tricky.

So we went back taking re-enforcements in the form of Graham's dad and brother. We got really close with the GPS (which we are getting to understand better, for instance we know how to set i on walking now, and how to check were we are by co-ordinates if the map is letting us down.) But still it didn't seem right. This was a tricky find but the place we were all looking was just a bit too easy, so Graham moved further down a little and it wasn't long before he was calling "I found it"

It feels good to find a difficult cache, and even better when you had so much trouble trying to find it before.

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